Here’s what several CCSC patients have said regarding their oral appliances for snoring and apnea. Are you a patient and would like to share your testimonial? Please let us know!

“The oral appliance has been great for me!  It is so much easier to use than the CPAP.  No longer do I have air blowing around me or new wrinkles on my face from the mask.  It is very convenient and comfortable. Thank you.”
  - Sharon G.

patient-sleep-testimonials-apnea“Before seeing Dr. Schapansky at the Central California Sleep Center.  I used a sleep apnea machine at night.  I hated the mask and hated the way I felt…. always connected to that hose.  Now, with my oral appliance, I sleep better and don’t have to carry around the CPAP when I travel!”
  - James A.

“Thank you Dr. Schapansky.  You’ve changed my life!  I feel so much better; like I have a new life.”
  - Angela D.

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